Saturday, January 1, 2011


Dream Home Characteristics

The following are the top 5 characteristics that should consider when looking for your dream home:
  1. Location
  2. Design
  3. Size
  4. Amenities
  5. Price


Your dream home should be in a location that is perfect for your lifestyle. Therefore, If you like skiing, it should be near some slopes.
If you love dining out, it should be near 5 star restaurants.
If you like shopping, it should be near some malls.
If you enjoy watching musicals, it should be near some theatres.
If you love hob-nobbing with celebrities, your dream home should be located in an area frequented by stars.
In addition to this, your dream home should be located in an area whole climate suits you. For example if you love the sunny outdoors, your dream home should not be located in a place with a 6 month winter.


Your dream home’s design should be one that aesthetically pleases all your senses.
If you are a private person who prefers a secluded lifestyle, a wall-less, door-less, floor plan may make you feel “too exposed” even in your own home.


Your dream home should be able to accommodate your entire family comfortably.
If you have 4 children and dog, a two bed roomed condominium would not constitute a dream home for you since it would be too cramped.
if you live alone, a ten bedroom castle may not be your dream home unless you want to convert it into a live in bed and breakfast.


The amenities in your dream home should be able to accommodate your lifestyle.
If you don’t cook, a fully kitted kitchen would be a waste of resources.
If you love hosting spa parties. your dream home would need to have a sauna or steam room.


The price of your dream home should fit into your pocket comfortably otherwise your dream home could turn into a financial nightmare.
If money is tight, choose the less pricier option so that you can enjoy your stay as you pay off the mortgage.
If money is not an issue, then the purchase price and resale price of your dream home would not factor in the choice of your dream home.

The HGTV Dream Home in Stowe, Vermont

The HGTV 2011 dream home is a 3000 square foot, well built, two level lodge located in Stowe, Vermont.
This beautifully designed mountain home has an aesthetically pleasing, wood colored exterior which blends perfectly with the surrounding flora.
It has a living area, kitchen, dining room, master and guest bedrooms as well as a mud room, laundry room, gathering room, ski dorm and dorm bathroom. The ski dorm is housed n the lower floor while the upper floor houses the bedrooms.
This dream home comes fully furnished with warm colors and complete with a car barn.

The HGTV Dream Home is Perfect

The HGTV dream home is perfect for:
  1. A person who loves skiing
  2. A person who loves dining at fine restaurants
  3. A person who loves mingling with celebrities
  4. A person with a large family
  5. A person with many friends
  6. A person who loves entertaining large groups
  7. A person who loves to live in expansive spaces
  8. A person who loves to live in nature
  9. A retired couple with many children and grandchildren
  10. A person with a stressful city life who needs a getaway home
  11. A person who needs money since it is absolutely free and it comes with an additional $500,000 cash bonus
  12. A person who does not need money

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