Saturday, December 1, 2012

5 Steps to Saving Money Online at Christmas

The following are 5 simple steps that you can take to save money at Christmas on your Christmas presents:

1. Make a People List
Make a list of all the people you would like to give gifts at Christmas from your many relatives, friends, work mates and acquaintances who have assisted you in one way or another during the year. After making your list, edit it like you would edit a wedding list to ensure you do not spend your hard earned money wisely and meaningfully. 

2. Add Christmas Gifts to your People List
Add the Christmas presents you would like to give each and every person on your People List next to their name. Go through the updated list and see which gifts you can buy in bulk and which gifts you can make at home. For example you can buy scented bath salts in bulk and pour them into dainty containers to give to the people on your People List who love taking scented baths. 

3. Make a Website List
Make a list of all the websites that can help you save money at Christmas by offering sales, product promotion deals, 50% discounts, coupons, free gifts and free shipping on the items you want to give as Christmas presents. Examples of such websites include and websites of large stores such as Walmart, Sears and Target. You can also surf sites which compiles deals from many vendors to simplify your shopping.   

4. Add Christmas Gifts to your Website List
On your Website List and adjacent to each website, add the Christmas gift that you can buy from it, its price and any other perk the site is offering such as a free gifts with purchase which make economical stocking fillers. 

5. Make your money saving decision
Go through your Website List and for each Christmas present, choose the website that offers you the highest quality product at the lowest price, preferably with free gift wrapping and free shipping.

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